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My Pokito: Inhalt: Interaktive TV und Web-Show, in der die Zuschauer bestimmen, wo es langgeht. Neben Star-News und Game-Tipps gibt es auch. Wo und wann läuft "My Pokito" im Fernsehen? Keine TV-Termine in den nächsten Wochen. Ich möchte vor dem nächsten Serienstart kostenlos per E-Mail​. MyPokito bitte kommt zurück. Es war die schönste Kindheit nach der Schule nachhausr zu kommen um MyPokito und Animes zu sehen. Wie schon in einen. Auch die Website, der Online-Umsetzung des TV-Kinderprogramms MyPokito, verspricht Unterhaltung und Spaß für die kleinen Zuschauer. Na Tweeteanna is déanaí ó My Pokito (@MyPokito): "Frohe Weihnachten wünscht euch My Pokito!".


RTL ZWEI (eigene Schreibweise: RTLZWEI) ist ein deutschsprachiger Fernsehsender, der von Von September bis Ende wurde das Konzept etwas verändert und zu My Pokito umbenannt. Dies beinhaltete jeden Nachmittag ein. My Pokito: Inhalt: Interaktive TV und Web-Show, in der die Zuschauer bestimmen, wo es langgeht. Neben Star-News und Game-Tipps gibt es auch. Na Tweeteanna is déanaí ó My Pokito (@MyPokito): "Frohe Weihnachten wünscht euch My Pokito!". mypokito mypokito

Margaret L Brock — December 7, We have really enjoyed our pokitos. I keep mine in my purse and another in my travel bag so they are always handy.

Karen — December 7, Love it each day — it is always with me and those to whom I gave as a present are happy as well.

Epimper — December 7, Jason — December 7, I would always find people using it. Now I can pack my cup away in my lunch bag, nice and safe.

Orbino — December 7, I love the colors and the fact that I can just throw it in my bag and go or keep one in the glove box of the car.

So glad I found it on Kickstarter. I personally have 2 , right now. Simon — December 7, Katrin — December 7, Georgia — December 7, I love that I only have to carry one cup but can have any size I like.

Rob — December 7, Terrific product. I sometimes get too aggressive twisting the cap on. Sarah N — December 7, Alfred — December 7, We recommend emptying the last liquid out of the cup before putting in your bag.

With just a small amount of dregs and the lid fitted correctly there should not be any spillages. Tori Sindorf — December 7, Also the silicone is great — I can drink anything out of it without everything tasting like coffee!

Gerald Dumasal — December 7, Robert — December 7, Agree with all the reviews here. I must admit to feeling quite smug and proud of myself when presenting my cup at coffee counters and getting enquiring looks and comments.

Louise Athersuch — December 7, Send us your photos of that on Facebook. We always enjoy seeing that too! Nicole — December 7, Nat W — December 7, I adore my pokito.

It lives in my handbag and goes everywhere with me. Sue — December 7, Great idea and works well — my husband likes his as he can claim a discount at coffee chains!

Just one more reason to pop your pokito in your bag when you head out! Marion — December 7, Diana — December 7, Alex — December 7, Jinky — December 7, Thank you for making such a wonderful and eco-friendly product.

I always show off my Pokito mug everywhere I go! Rebecca — December 7, I gave all of mine as gifts, not having the sense to get one for myself!

My friends tell me that they particularly like the portability and reliability of their cups, as well as the entertainment value of shifting the cup to the appropriate size after they order.

Marianne — December 7, The portability factor alone is enough to recommend pokito, but with the great color options and low environmental impact make it a pleasure to rave about Pokito.

I hope this is something the will be improved upon on in future versions. Thanks for your feedback and we are really glad you enjoy using your pokito.

We have found that some people have found the lid tricky to use when they first receive their cup. For a demonstration of how to get the lid on perfectly every time take a look at our instructional video on Youtube.

Ayal Furman — December 7, Hannah — December 7, James Hardison — December 7, Love that I can carry it around in my coat pocket and pop it open when I need a caffeine fix.

When empty, it disappears back into my pocket. Rachelle Shepherd-DuBey — December 7, Great and easy to use.

Ir reduces non-recyclable coffee cup waste! Linda — December 7, Peter — December 7, We are owners of two pokitos from kickstarter.

My wive loved it from her first view. And everywhere around astonished faces when she unfold it. JW Hoogakker — December 7, Very convenient cup.

Easy to disassemble for cleaning. Clean the cup in time! When you forget for a few days it will be very difficult to clean.

Stephen — December 7, Perfect cup for traveling by car, train, or plane. Easy to shrink its size and have with you.

Just make sure you put the cap on correctly. Duncan — December 7, Lian — December 7, One lives in my bag at all times with a backup one at home for a friend to borrow it or when the first is in the dishwasher.

They make avoiding disposable cups effortless. Thank you pokito makers! Guilty pleasure: being asked where I bought my awesome cup as I take the compressed cup out of my bag at coffee shops!

Amy S — December 7, Need 2. Cannot use same cup for. Would love to be able to have cup larger than 16 oz! Love my Pokito, great for travel too!

Hi Amy, Thank you for your feedback. Of course having two also works! Sajat Jain — December 7, Great product, have been using it for few months now.

Cate — December 7, Ceruso Gennaro — December 7, AM — December 7, Thank you for your feedback.

We are a spill proof cup, rather than leak proof. But for on the go coffee we fit the bill. Check out our user guide videos on our FAQs page for more info.

Gennaro Ceruso — December 7, MT — December 7, Very convenient and portable; a great idea well-executed. We recommend rinsing after every use and then, when necessary, using a baking soda solution to soak and scrub off any stains.

Putting the top on carefully is the right thing to do, as cross threading is the main cause of any spills, once you have the knack this rarely happens!

Lydia — December 7, This is a great environmentally friendly product! It is fantastically portable — it folds down to virtually nothing so fits easily in a bag.

I just keep mine there in case I want a cup of tea when I am out. I have had several people compliment my pokito cup. They look pretty snazzy and are a great idea for helping reduce waste from disposable cups.

Lesley — December 7, Andrew Wright — December 7, Easy to use, easy to carry. After drink is finished, flatten and pocket it.

Part of our regular camping kit now. Mike Rose — December 7, Darren McPhee — December 7, Hannah Whitmore — December 7, Amanda Thompson — December 7, Supported the company from the beginning.

Love the cups, we have 8 in our household alone. I always have one in my bag ready to use. Katherine — December 7, I love my Pokito and take it with me everywhere!

Fits perfectly in my purse. Gets admiring comments from baristas! Reiko A. JD — December 7, Lisa — December 7, Penny — December 7, Andy Denial — December 7, I bought my Pokito back when it was a Kickstarter project.

Lindsay — December 7, Love it, used every day several times, often admired by others, who ask the details.

Well Recommended. Lynne Cameron — December 7, Ashley — December 7, I love this cup. Since we are often on the go, it is so wonderful to have a cup I can fit in my jacket pocket or diaper bag.

It is also fantastic for warming up bottles or baby food when on the go! Crzywmn — December 7, I keep one in my bag for water at fast food places, and great for camping.

Jo — December 7, I always take mine to meetings and conferences. Ebrahim — December 7, A cup I can take and place anywhere like my pocket, bag, etc.

And it looks great. Sheena Chan — December 7, Sarah Mooar — December 7, But what is? Overall would recommend. Hi Sarah, Thanks for your feedback!

There are a few techniques that can help to get the lid on right, we have made an instructional video to show them.

Let us know how you get on. Fiona Bowring — December 7, Kim — December 7, Never fail! Brad in Bangkok — December 7, Best cup I have ever owned.

Super convenient, practical and is the envy of all my friends. Love my Pokito…. Kasper Kvistgaard — December 7, Leon Duveen — December 7, Cheryl Ong — December 7, I absolutely love my pokito in that it has become a daily necessity.

Initially found problem with leakage,but after experimenting on the correct positioning of the the groves of the cup and the cap,have now becoming an expert.

Lucy — December 7, Fantastic product. Easy to use. The difference size options are great for different coffee choices.

I highly recommend it from one coffee lover to another. Debbie Stone — December 7, One of the best things I have bought in years — light, folds down, environmentally friendly, saves money — just brilliant!!

John Larke — December 7, Emma — December 7, Perfect for your handbag: I use mine daily, as part of me trying to do my small bit against unnecessary landfill and non-recyclable waste.

SarahF — December 7, Valerie — December 7, So practical, saves space when carrying and saves the environment too! The multi-format possibilities are great!

Suzanne — December 7, Patrick — December 7, Sehr praktisch und nachhaltig! Absolutely love the Pokito. I carry one in my bag all the time.

Hoping to see more people using them. Lesley G — December 7, As one of the people who supported Pokito on Kickstarter, I was really pleased when the actuality lived up to its promise.

Just remember to push the top flap in around its middle area until it clicks , as well as closing the flap.

Yakir rokah — December 7, Candy Matterson — December 7, Love the fact it can fit in my handbag the downside is cleaning it between drinks on the move.

Will do what it takes to save the non recyclable disposables. Claire darragh — December 7, Lynn Badger — December 7, I keep it in my laptop bag so I can grab a coffee on my way to my desk every morning.

Kevin — December 7, Taylor M. It folds and reuses well. The white stains quite easily, but you can scrub it well enough.

No warp has occurred with several dishwasher washings. I use travel mugs all the time to prevent myself from scalding myself with hot coffee, but this often ends up leaking through the screwed on portion.

This is a daily occurrence, even with me paying careful attention to how I screw on the lid. I was a ks backer, so this was slightly disappointing.

Thanks very much for your feedback! Jon White — December 7, I absolutely love my Pokito. Niko Erpels — December 7, Peter Blanchard — December 7, It is a great convenient product that I keep in my backpack and use all the time.

As a Kickstarter backer I am proud to have supported the product from inception to completion. Jhon — December 7, Your email address will not be published.

View Cart Checkout. Rated 4. Reviews reviews for pokito Rated 5 out of 5. Rated 5 out of 5. Rated 4 out of 5. Fantastic little cup.

I use this every day to get a takeaway coffee while heading to work. My drink also tastes much better out of my pokito than a paper cup.

Super happy with my pokito, makes my daily coffee a little more fun! An excellent product versatile and robust always in my pocket or bag.

Great product, I especially like the screw lid so my drink wont spill. Thanks for your feedback John.

It looks great. Great product, use it every day. Filling it up at home on my way to the office…. The convience of being able to put the Pokito in my handbag is great.

These things are absolutely fabulous. Super versatile and very environmentally friendly. Really great reusable, and importantly, collapsable cup.

Looks great and works well! Really useful. And a great way to cut down the use of disposable cups. Better than disposables and better for the environment.

Everyone should switch to Pokito. Small, convenient cup to have tucked in your bag for whenever you need a drink.

Great cup, extremely portable, light weight and easy to clean. Would definitely recommend. I love mine. I always keep on in my purse and another in my work bag or car.

Just perfect for a drink on the go and makes me feel better about our fragile world! Very convenient, more so in winter with bulky coat pockets to store it.

Super for on the go coffee. Love giving it to baristas and seeing their faces when it unfolds!

Love pokito. Great for commuting, where you can simply collapse the cup and put it in your bag. Love from pokito. Very convenient, great quality and fun choices of colours.

Highly recommended. Great little cup — stays in my travel bag so I always have it. A very good product— strong, light-weight, flexible.

Just not quite as leak-proof as I hoped. Great Product love the size fits perfectly in my golf bag and brief case. Great product!

I love the flexibility with sizes and the portability. Great product, fits neatly into my laptop bag or pocket for easy access.

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I bought it to stop buying so many non-compostable or recyclable cups, sometimes 4 a day. Rosie Doyle — June 19, Love my Pokito! It is much better than I expected.

As stable as a normal paper cup, if not more so; the lid is good despite some reviews I have read online ; leakproof; and so convenient to carry around.

I love the fact you can squash it down and seal the lid when there a few dregs of coffee still in it, and easily take it home to wash — so convenient when you are using it on the go.

My local costas now gives you a discount for using your own cup when sitting in — so I am using my Pokito then as well!

Brian Reynolds verified owner — April 29, Just received my Pokito in black and it is fantastic. At last a reusable cup that hopefully drastically reduce the amount of non-recyclable cups into the environment each year.

I am that impressed I have ordered three more cups; two in orange and one in lime for my family and friends. I will be ordering more to encourage my friends and family to rethink their drinking habits on-the-go.

Christian Brucker — April 25, I love my Pokito! Compact in the bag while travelling, max sized at the coffee bar… and sustainable in all situations.

Bes — April 25, Richard Hough — April 24, Just great, wonderful design, great idea and fun to use. I am a teacher and the students in my classes are already asking about it!

Richard Taylor verified owner — April 17, Pokito has killed that scepticism! I keep it squashed up next to my wallet and coins and it slips into my jacket pocket with no problem.

First time I squashed it up after using I wondered if I should have also carried a plastic bag — but no!

Put the lid back on properly and NO LEAKS in your pocket the tip about backing off the lid a half-turn before screwing down to make sure it fits correctly works for me.

No problem in getting the reusable discount from the big chains I only tend to use Costa as they pay UK taxes and treat their staff reasonably decently which is well on the way to paying for my first Pokito.

Had a long conversation about it with the buffet steward on a Virgin East Coast Train who was intrigued by it and pleased to hear that it was made in the north-east of England, which we were travelling through at the time.

Only gripe — perhaps make it in a 20oz size? Other than that, I am a huge fan, and have bought three more to make sure I always have one to hand.

Thanks very much for your message Richard. Great that you are getting lots of use out of it. Erin — March 24, I kickstarted these and they are super convenient for travel.

I only wish they would make a 20 oz cup and bring back the black cup that they offered as a stretch goal.

I got three and use them frequently even though they can take a little while to break in and make a good seal with the lid threads. Nigel verified owner — March 16, Was a bit sceptical but got one anyway.

Use it every work day now. It packs nicely into my coat pocket and works very well. I rinse it at work after use and it comes up really nicely.

It air dries in the day and goes back in the coat pocket at going home time. In addition to getting 25p off at Abocado one gets the warm glow of saving the planet one cup of coffee at a time…!

Great product. Lotte — February 14, Helen verified owner — February 13, Great easy to carry this small cup around. Everyone in the small community I live in in Australia are most impressed so expect many orders.

A small way to help the environment. Nick Ludlam verified owner — February 12, Mark verified owner — February 9, Fantastic product great to help save the environment well just a little bit!

Well done great to see good British innovation! Lou verified owner — February 8, Richard Bain verified owner — February 5, I love the portability of this cup, and the variable size is genius!

Have just tried it while in London, no problems whatsoever with getting discounted hot drinks, brilliant. Like some other reviewers, it can be difficult to get the screw cap on correctly first time.

Hi Richard, Thank you for your feedback. Great to hear that you are getting some good discounts! Great portable cup.

Great colours. Great to support a UK company while helping to save the planet from plastics! Rochelle N. Ward verified owner — February 4, I live in the U.

I am using my Pokito everyday and sharing the amazing story of how Pokito came into existence! Thank you, Andrew for this Fabulous Invention and sharing it with the World!

Keith Muggeridge-Breene verified owner — February 4, A bit like an exotic pet. Great but takes a while to get to know it, work out to care for it and look after it properly.

Thanks for your comment, the thought an exotic pet-kito has made us smile. Graham Carter verified owner — February 3, Kirstie — February 3, Maria Kelsey — February 3, Robert verified owner — February 3, Ellen verified owner — February 3, Durable and the ability to squash it down means it fits easily in your bag.

LG verified owner — February 2, Very user friendly. Took a couple of goes to pull it out fully but very quickly a dab hand.

A couple of people after seeing my cup have said that they will get one. Brian Reid verified owner — February 2, PW verified owner — February 2, Brilliant idea but mine has become harder to collapse the older it gets and also the white seems to stain a little too easily.

Hi Pauline, Thank you for your feedback. Have you seen our video on cleaning? Cathy — February 2, I got so sick of throwing away coffee cups when travelling, but because of the kind of wide-ranging travel I do, a normal reusable cup was always too bulky to carry.

I wanted something I could slip into a handbag and Pokito fits the bills perfectly. Joanne Johnson verified owner — February 2, Love the cup so handy to have in your bag.

Only thing is getting lid on cup as store staff have never seen this type of cup. Thanks Joanne, hopefully all Baristas will be familiar with us soon.

In the meantime we do have an instructional video that has some good tips. Susan Wilkinson verified owner — February 2, Good for disabled hands.

My hands are deformed and very painful due to arthritis so I usually ask for a takeaway cup. Now I just hand over my Pokito.

John Hastings verified owner — February 2, Brilliant invention, can only boost the reusable cup economy. Laura Hennessy verified owner — February 2, Love love love my pokito.

Fits in my bag so can carry with me everywhere. The different sizes in one cup are great. Maren — December 12, I love it and my boyfriend, too.

We have pokitos everywhere. In the car, caravan, at home and in my purse. Jonas Lantz — December 11, Y — December 11, Lynda — December 11, Mike — December 10, Angela — December 9, I always carry mine in my handbag.

Excellent item! Nina — December 9, Thanks Nina, great feedback! Jim — December 9, Great collapsable cup — I can easily leave it in a bag and pull it out at a coffee shop, and the staff love it.

Just remember to slowly thread the top evenly, or you can get a little drip. Thank you for the feedback. Ian Bates — December 9, My favourite reusable cup by a country mile.

All my others are heavy, bulky and fragile. Pokito is light, durable and convenient to stow when not is use. Kim — December 9, Jan — December 9, Great portability, insulation, grip and seal.

A great project to have been part of kickstarting and a real way to help the environment. Barb — December 9, Helen — December 8, Fits in my handbag and gets smiles whenever I take it out and pop it into shape.

Sally mayer — December 8, I simpy love it. Just the best! Elaine — December 8, Love my Pokito. Got one for myself and for my husband.

Just need to keep remembering to put it in my pocket. Elaine Crawford — December 8, Riccardo — December 8, Andrea — December 8, Got my Pokito through the kickstarter campaign and am really happy with it.

I also get often asked about it since it is so practical that you can just collapse and stuff it into your bag.

Sadly, the first pokito I got was leaking like crazy when drinking even although there was nothing obviously wrong with it.

After contacting the customer service I got a replacement though and now am happy with it. I dont use it every day and only for tea but it is especially practical on days full of meetings or lectures when you do not want to use another paper cup for every new beverage you get!

Thanks for the feedback. Great to hear you are now getting a lot of use out of your pokito. Most leaking problems are caused by the lid not being put on correctly.

Check out our instructional video which shows how to get it right every time. David S — December 8, Anna — December 8, I always have my cup in my bag, in fact I have two and have given some as gifts.

Its size when collapsed makes it so much more convenient than rigid reusable cups. Nicola — December 8, SH — December 8, Convenient and portable.

Kept it in my bag everyday and it goes everywhere with me.. Stuart — December 8, Mike T — December 8, Aurore — December 8, In the world where we live in, everyone should think about the environment and have a device such as this one.

Besides, it fits nearly everywhere and is very well thought. Unlike most, on the contrary, I myself do have leaking problems with it from time to time, so I dry it up before storing it.

Thanks for your feedback, we agree, everyone should have a reusable! Take a look at our instructional video for advice on how to stop leaking.

Normally this is caused be the lid being incorrectly seated which is easily fixable with the right technique. Give it a go and let us know how you get on!

Krishna — December 8, It never gets old. Katie stone — December 8, Tilly — December 8, It looks fun because of the colours.

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