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Annica Hansen ist eine deutsche Moderatorin, die unter anderem in verschiedenen Formaten des Fernsehens tätig war. Darüber hinaus ist Hansen in verschiedenen Social Media-Plattformen aktiv, sie stellt beispielsweise auf YouTube Aspekte des. ANNICA HANSEN • OFFICIAL. WÖLBCHEN, CANTO & COBIE 🦄 EQUESTRIAN YOUTUBER YOUTUBE /annicahansen. MAIL➡️ [email protected] Annica Hansen (* Oktober in Duisburg) ist eine deutsche Moderatorin, die unter anderem in verschiedenen Formaten des Fernsehens tätig war. Hallo ihr Lieben, ich bin Annica & freue mich, dass ihr auf meinen YouTube Kanal aufmerksam geworden seid. Hier dreht sich alles um Ponyliebe! Und das. Herzlich Willkommen auf meiner Homepage. Hier bekommt ihr Einblicke in meine Job Welt, erfahrt alles über meine Pferde und könnt Beiträge im Blog lesen.

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آخرین توییت‌ها از Annica Hansen (@annicahansen). moderatorin • youtuber • social media junkie • instagram/youtube/snapchat/facebook ➡️ annicahansen. Hallo ihr Lieben, ich bin Annica & freue mich, dass ihr auf meinen YouTube Kanal aufmerksam geworden seid. Hier dreht sich alles um Ponyliebe! Und das. Pferde im Besitz von Annica Hansen. Sortierung: nach dem größten Erfolg des Pferdes. Dressurpferd Wölbchen (Hannoveraner, , von Wolkenstein II).

One sacrifices his life to destroy a Borg sphere and protect the vessel, dying in front of an emotional Seven. Using a Borg temporal transmitter, Chakotay and Harry Kim manage to send information back in time to Seven to prevent the destruction of the ship.

After B'Elanna Torres disables the device, Seven returns to normal. While investigating a damaged Borg sphere in " Dark Frontier ", Seven hears the voice of the collective once more and refuses to return to Voyager.

Instead she is taken back to Borg space where she meets with the Borg Queen, who reveals that Seven's establishment as an individual was all part of a plan to use her memories to allow the Borg to assimilate humanity.

The Queen first has Seven assist in the assimilation of a new species, and after some disobedience, has her work on nanoprobes designed to assimilate humans.

Seven discovers that her father is assimilated and kept as one of the Queen's personal drones. Meanwhile, Voyager is working on a plan to rescue her, and using the Delta Flyer approach the vessel close enough that Captain Janeway can transport aboard.

Seven and Janeway work together to escape the Queen, and steal technology that reduces their distance to Earth by 15 years. She becomes involved in a time-travel plot once more when Captain Braxton of the Federation timeship USS " Relativity " pulls her out of the timestream to help prevent the destruction of Voyager.

The travel has effects on her body, and she dies, resulting in an earlier version being pulled out of time. During the investigation, it transpires that it was Braxton himself who planted a bomb on the ship and together with the crew of the Relativity , Captain Janeway manages to apprehend Braxton before he plants the device.

She forced this collective on them because they were becoming individuals, which has caused the trio to keep a mental connection even after their eventual disconnection from the rest of the Borg.

During the course of " Survival Instinct ", the link is terminated, causing each of the former Borg to be predicted to die within a month.

Seven of Nine appeared as a recurring character in Star Trek: Picard. Seven attempted to rescue him but arrived too late, finding him mortally wounded.

Icheb died in Seven's arms after she acceded to his request to mercy kill him. At some point Seven joined the Fenris Rangers, a peacekeeping organization active near the former Romulan Neutral Zone.

Seven assists Picard in his attempt to rescue Dr. Bruce Maddox from Bjayzl, a criminal businesswoman, by offering herself as bounty.

It is revealed that Seven's true intentions are to kill Bjayzl, who was responsible for Icheb's death.

Picard believes he is able to talk Seven out of killing Bjayzl, and they return to La Sirena with Maddox.

She and Picard discuss their mutual difficulty regaining their humanity after being assimilated by the Borg, and she disembarks under the pretense of rejoining the Rangers, but actually transports back to the surface and vaporizes Bjayzl.

Seven arrives at the Artifact, a disabled Borg cube captured by the Romulans , after being summoned by Picard's companion Elnor. To save the former Borg onboard from execution at the hands of the Romulans, she temporarily connects herself to the cube inside the queencell, taking on the role of a Borg Queen.

She does this despite concern about keeping control:. Despite her concerns, Seven subsequently disconnects herself after the Romulan forces have been driven off the cube, stating that "Annika" still has work to do.

She brings the cube to Soji's homeworld, Coppelius, to aid Picard, but it crashes on the surface after being disabled by the planetary defenses.

When the Romulan armada arrives at the planet to destroy the synthetics, the Romulan agent Narissa attempts to access the cube's weapons to destroy La Sirena , but is pushed off a ledge by Seven.

After the Romulan armada is warded away, Seven joins the crew of La Sirena and is seen holding hands with Picard's companion Raffi.

Seven will appear in season 2. This featured Seven of Nine in a prominent role, as the crew investigate what appears to be a Borg vessel.

However, despite the rest of the main cast voicing their characters, Jeri Ryan did not voice Seven. The game is set beyond the end of the original Voyager series, with the storyline placing Seven on board the USS Callisto as a science advisor to the Federation fleet which is returning to the Delta Quadrant.

The initial fan reaction was mixed with some accusing the show of adding her to attract more 18—35 male audience members, which was denied by Braga.

Moore , who felt she should have a more Borg-like appearance. Barry Wigmore at the Mail on Sunday credited Ryan as Seven of Nine for saving the series due to the increased ratings that she generated.

In , ScreenRant rated Seven of Nine as the 10th-best character in Star Trek overall as presented in television and film.

The initial episodes following the introduction of Seven of Nine showed Captain Janeway mirroring the actions of the Borg as she turned down Seven's request to be returned to the collective.

Seven was received as one of the Voyager characters who filled a Spock -like role, [81] alongside Tuvok, [82] with her "blonde bombshell" appearance balanced by "intelligence, boldness, rationality and a remarkable lack of interest in the opposite sex".

The sexuality of the character was also questioned following her introduction. The character built up a fanbase among the LGBT community which resulted in an online petition to have her revealed as a lesbian.

The efforts of Seven to return to normal living have been compared by many writers to the deprogramming of former cult members.

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Mail on Sunday. Questia Online Library. New Statesman. Chicago Sun-Times. VOY : " Hope and Fear " Her reluctance actually proved lifesaving for the Voyager crew in when the ship was nearly ingested by a bioplasmic organism known as the telepathic pitcher plant.

She was one of only three crew members the others being Naomi Wildman — who, like Seven, had no emotional links to Earth and the Alpha Quadrant — and The Doctor, who was unaffected due to his inorganic nature not affected by its illusion of a wormhole back to the Alpha Quadrant.

Despite the crew's attempts to place her into stasis , she was able to join forces with The Doctor and an alien named Qatai to free Voyager.

VOY : " Bliss " Like many Borg drones separated from the Collective, Seven suffered a degree of eremophobia a fear of being alone , which she was forced to face when piloting Voyager through an area of space riddled with subnucleonic radiation while the crew was placed in stasis for the duration.

At first, Seven found holodecks a pointless endeavor, fulfilling a Human desire to fantasize which she did not share. She still saw the program as frivolous, and quickly disabled Satan's Robot instead of playing along with the storyline of the program.

By this time, she engaged the holographic characters in conversation and participated in the fantasy. VOY : " Repression " By , Seven created a holographic simulation of Voyager in order to improve her social abilities.

In the program, her Borg implants had been permanently removed, and she was given a Starfleet science uniform and crew quarters.

She also explored a romantic relationship with Chakotay while running the program. She began to use the program excessively, interfering with her duties.

VOY : " Human Error ". Initially, after her release from the Collective, Seven retained much of her former drone personality. She was harsh towards the rest of the crew and often disobeyed Captain Janeway's orders when she felt they were incorrect.

However, as time went on she gradually formed a close bond with the others, especially with The Doctor, Tuvok, and Janeway herself.

During her time with the Borg, Seven became used to the billions of voices that made up the Collective. After she was separated from them, she found solitude distressing.

It became more apparent when Seven was left with The Doctor to watch over Voyager as it went through a radioactive Mutara class nebula.

When The Doctor's program went off-line, she was alone in command of Voyager. Her implants began malfunctioning, and she saw convincing hallucinations of an alien named Trajis Lo-Tarik and the Voyager crew, seriously injured by the effects of the nebula.

She was able to ignore the illusions and eventually save the Voyager crew after the ship's systems began to malfunction as a result of the nebula's radiation.

After this experience, Seven joined a group in the mess hall for the first time. Seven began to read her parents' journals from their mission aboard the Raven , as these were her only link to her parents.

She encountered the drone which was originally her father while held captive by the Borg in He most likely was destroyed along with the Borg Queen's vessel.

She had an ancestor, Sven "Buttercup" Hansen , who was a 22nd century prize boxer. VOY : " ". Seven was present for some of the conversations the Voyager crew had with families after two-way communication was established in She was reluctant to contact her aunt, Irene Hansen , but the experiences of the crew convinced her it would be worthwhile.

Irene was overjoyed to speak with her, but Seven was slightly uncomfortable when Irene used her real name, Annika. VOY : " Author, Author ".

Seven also had a "son". A transporter accident involving The Doctor's mobile emitter and Seven's nanoprobes resulted in the creation of a Borg drone, One.

At first she was reluctant to teach the drone about individuality and life on Voyager , but she eventually became attached to him, almost maternally.

When One decided to allow himself to die for the benefit of the crew, Seven was deeply upset. While under the influence of synthehol , Seven told The Doctor and several other Voyager crew that she considered them all "very good friends.

Captain Janeway made the decision to sever Seven of Nine from the Collective. She helped her through the difficult transition to Humanity in , trying to force memories of her life as Annika Hansen to surface.

She thought Janeway placed the crew in unnecessary danger by exploring the Delta Quadrant and contacting civilizations such as the Mari , rather than setting a course for home.

VOY : " Random Thoughts ". When Voyager believed that Starfleet had sent the USS Dauntless to bring the crew home in late , Seven did not want to return with the crew.

She requested to remain in the Delta Quadrant, possibly returning to the Borg Collective. Janeway was dismayed that Seven had not found an appreciation for her new life in the year she spent aboard Voyager.

Later, the ship was found to be a fake created by Arturis in order to deliver the Voyager crew to the Borg.

While trapped aboard the ship, Seven confessed to Captain Janeway that she was thankful for her individuality and was not eager to return to the Collective.

She also confessed that it was fear of the unknown, that is, what will happen after she returns to Earth, that discouraged her from going back.

VOY : " Hope and Fear ". In , Seven inadvertently helped The Doctor recover memories of Ensign Ahni Jetal , erased from his database when they caused problems with his ethical subroutines.

Captain Janeway intended to erase the memories once again, but Seven voiced concern. She felt that erasing The Doctor's memories would essentially mean turning a blind eye to his development as an individual.

Seven admitted that she saw Janeway as a role model, but began to question that image after her treatment of The Doctor.

This gave Janeway more to think about, and she decided to restore the memories to The Doctor. VOY : " Latent Image ". Seven of Nine often had the ear of the captain, coming to her whenever she needed moral guidance, or wanted to express something she had learned about Humanity.

One such occasion occurred in , when Seven dropped a barrier protecting the Ventu from cultural contamination. Before making any command decisions, Janeway asked Seven what she thought of the Ventu; Seven found them antiquated, but resourceful.

She believed that if the Ledosians were allowed to contaminate them more, "something unique would be lost. In an alternate timeline , Seven of Nine was fatally wounded on an away mission and died upon her return to Voyager.

Her death deeply affected the Janeway of that time. VOY : " Endgame ". Voyager engineer B'Elanna Torres was distrustful of Seven, and the two almost came to blows several times during Seven's early days on Voyager.

Torres was stunned that Seven experienced no remorse over the fate of civilizations such as the Caatati , devastated by the Borg.

She told Chakotay that she did not want to be held responsible if she and Seven got into a physical altercation. Chakotay, in turn, put Torres' own attitude in check when he made it clear that she needed to find a way to work with Seven and that she would be held responsible if a fight occurred.

Seven earned some of Torres' respect when she used a feedback pulse to disable a Hirogen who threatened the ship's use of the communications network in although she made sure the disapproving Janeway was out of earshot first.

VOY : " Message in a Bottle " Seven studied Torres and future husband Tom Paris during their courtship, even noting the times when the two had sexual relations.

Upon discovering this in , Torres was quite incensed. While the two women would never become close friends, they did develop a good working relationship as time passed.

By , the two had grown more comfortable with each other. Torres comforted Seven when she was faced with death after her cortical node malfunctioned, telling her that she made valuable contributions to the crew of Voyager.

Seven suggested that Torres try to participate in some of Paris' interests in order to improve their relationship, which led to Torres' participation in the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally.

VOY : " Drive " To Torres' shock, Seven presented her with a baby shower present and complimented her on her hair the following year.

Naomi Wildman was the first child born aboard Voyager. She was initially scared of Seven and afraid that she could assimilate her. Soon, she became fascinated with Seven, and began following her in early Seven was initially annoyed with her, and disapproved of Naomi's study of Borg species designations.

While Seven was experiencing problems due to contact with the infected vinculum, one of the personalities to emerge was that of a small child.

She played kadis-kot with Naomi, to Naomi's delight. After the crisis was resolved, Seven decided to instruct Naomi in astrometrics, giving her several star charts and species information to study.

Seven also requested a game of kadis-kot with Naomi. They had in common that they often couldn't understand the crew's determination to return to Earth.

This fact proved helpful when Voyager was confronted by the telepathic pitcher plant , which made the rest of the crew see it as a wormhole to Earth.

Seven and Naomi were unaffected due to their indifference about returning home and, aided by Qatai , who had hunted the creature for years, and The Doctor, they were able to trick the creature into expelling Voyager.

Tuvok became friends with Seven of Nine, when he witnessed her ordeal as she gradually had to remember her assimilation by the Borg.

He helped her manage it and Seven opened up to him. VOY : " The Raven " After that, she began having conversations with Tuvok and it became apparent she enjoyed talking with him because of his logic and distant way of seeing things, which was similar to her own.

Tuvok also had a similar attitude towards Seven. Tuvok was quick to compliment Seven when she quickly learned and won a game of Kal-toh.

Both Tuvok and Seven of Nine often preferred completing away missions in silence. After working together and Seven saving Tuvok's life, he was able to help her cope with the difficult mission they shared.

VOY : " Tsunkatse " In time they also started appreciating each other, because of them being outsiders on the ship. In , Seven became a temporary mother figure to a group of children whom Voyager had discovered aboard a derelict Borg vessel.

She cared for the children, named Icheb , Mezoti , Rebi , and Azan , until the latter three were returned to their own people in She designed a rigid schedule for their activities, enacting serious punishment when they failed to adhere to the schedule.

They rebelled against the restrictions, and an exasperated Seven told Chakotay she no longer wished to supervise them. He made her realize that while consistency is important, children also need spontaneity.

Her efforts were much more successful once she made allowances for that. VOY : " Ashes to Ashes ". After discovering that he had been genetically engineered as a weapon against the Borg, the eldest of the children, Icheb, remained with Voyager and he and Seven formed a close relationship.

VOY : " Child's Play " Icheb expressed a desire to apply for Starfleet Academy admission, and hoped Seven would speak to the captain about having Commander Tuvok teach him preliminary courses.

Around this time, Icheb donated his own cortical node when the failure of Seven's jeopardized her life.

She initially refused to accept his help, placing his safety above her own despite his research showing that he was far more likely to survive the loss of the node than she was.

VOY : " Imperfection ". Eight years after Voyager returned to Earth, Icheb was captured by Bjayzl , who had hired surgeons to brutally and painfully extract his Borg implants for her to sell on the black market.

Seven attempted to rescue Icheb, whom she considered to be like a son to her, but arrived too late to save his life. Mortally wounded and in excruciating pain, Icheb begged Seven to quickly kill him, which she did by shooting him with a phaser at point-blank range.

Thirteen years later , Seven caught up with Bjayzl and executed her in retribution for Icheb's death.

Harry Kim became physically attracted to Seven shortly after she joined Voyager. Noticing this, she addressed the situation with him, asking him if he desired to "copulate", thereby embarrassing him.

However, she did tell Kim late at night in the mess hall that she was willing to explore her sexuality and told him to take his clothes off.

VOY : " Waking Moments ". Under The Doctor's tutelage, Seven first explored true romance in She chose engineering crew member William Chapman after determining that their interests were compatible.

However, Seven's directness was too overbearing for Chapman, and the date ended up in disaster when Seven accidentally tore a ligament in his shoulder while dancing.

In , Seven was distressed to discover that the Borg had deliberately programmed the cortical implant of their drones to shut down in the event that the drone began to experience strong emotion, thus killing the drone.

The Doctor believed he could reprogram the affected implant, but Seven refused treatment. Later that year, she changed her mind, and she underwent the surgery.

While Seven was assisting the drones of Unimatrix Zero, she mainly dealt with a man named Axum , with whom she had had a romantic relationship within Unimatrix Zero while she was still a drone.

The relationship sparked again, strengthening her resolve to help those within the Unimatrix. However, Axum was physically aboard a scout vessel at the border of fluidic space in a remote sector of the Beta Quadrant , making it impossible to contact him again once Unimatrix Zero was destroyed.

The Doctor was responsible for the removal of Seven's implants, and also conducted her weekly maintenance sessions.

He also took it upon himself to teach Seven social behavior, using the same interpersonal relationship exercises Kes once practiced with him.

VOY : " Prey " Later, he created a holodeck simulation of Voyager for her to become more comfortable with large social gatherings.

The Doctor encouraged Seven to explore romantic relationships in , coaching her in the basics of dating and grooming. He also discovered her singing voice, and the two sang a duet of " You Are My Sunshine ".

He was partially motivated by a wager made with Ensign Paris, who believed that Seven would not be able to bring a date to a reception planned aboard Voyager without making a scene.

Although Seven's date with Lieutenant Chapman ended up in disaster, she attended the reception with The Doctor, and charmed the guests with a toast to individuality.

However, she was hurt to discover that The Doctor's help was due to the bet. At this point, The Doctor found that he himself was falling in love with Seven, but refused to admit it to her.

He tried to apologize to her, but she came to him first and said she no longer needed the lessons in romance because there were no suitable mates aboard.

The Doctor was very disappointed that Seven did not reciprocate his feelings. In , The Doctor was stranded aboard the USS Equinox along with Seven, and the crew disengaged his morality subroutines to extract activation codes for their warp drive from Seven's cranial implants, which would leave her mentally disabled.

The Doctor almost went through with the procedure, but Captain Rudolph Ransom stopped him. He apologized to Seven for the incident, and she held no ill will towards him.

The Doctor created a subroutine for daydreaming in early Seven featured prominently in several fantasies, either serving as a damsel in distress or competing with other female Voyager crew members for The Doctor's affections.

He even fantasized about painting her in the nude. When the fantasies began to overrun his program, his mental activity was tied into the holodeck, allowing Seven to see what he had been daydreaming.

She did not take offense, but after she kissed him following Captain Janeway's announcement that the Emergency Command Hologram subroutines would be developed, she made it clear that it was simply a platonic gesture.

While Ensign Kim, Seven, and The Doctor conducted a routine survey on board the second Delta Flyer in , they were captured by a race known as the Lokirrim.

The Lokirrim had waged war against holographic lifeforms who rebelled against Lokirrim rule, and as a result, banned all holographic activity within their borders.

Seven transferred The Doctor's program to her cortical implant in order to hide him from the Lokirrim and prevent him from being decompiled.

In the process, The Doctor took control of Seven's motor abilities, and was essentially trapped in her body. The Doctor tried to engineer an escape by cultivating a relationship with a Lokirrim official, Ranek , but the new sensations of taste and emotion were too tempting for The Doctor.

He ended up overindulging in several foods and causing pain to Seven. Ranek later called Seven to the ship's bridge with the intention of setting up a romantic liaison.

Although The Doctor was able to see his command codes, Ranek attempted to kiss him in Seven's body, which was not reciprocated.

Shortly afterward, he went to complain about the incident to Jaryn , a crewmember The Doctor had been working with to treat injured Lokirrim crew.

The Doctor became sexually aroused when Jaryn gave Seven a neck massage. Both incidents greatly irritated Seven, and once The Doctor had been returned to the mobile emitter they got into an argument about the values of indulgence.

The Doctor felt Seven showed excessive restraint and did not allow for superfluous pleasure, which The Doctor believed was an important part of life.

Kim managed to return the subject to escape, and The Doctor and Seven worked together once again to transmit a distress signal to Voyager.

The Doctor was downloaded back into Seven's implants, and was able to convince Ranek to join her on a "second date. Their plan was discovered by Jaryn, and Seven was taken captive.

After Voyager arrived, Seven returned The Doctor's program to the mobile emitter and they escaped.

Upon their return to the ship, Seven decided that The Doctor had a point about her restraint concerning pleasures such as food. She brought a meal to sickbay and described the sensations of eating it to The Doctor, allowing him to experience it vicariously.

VOY : " Body and Soul ". When The Doctor's rights as an individual came into question, Seven testified at the hearing conducted with Starfleet Command.

She spoke highly of The Doctor, appreciative of his efforts to develop her individuality. In when The Doctor believed he was about to die, he finally admitted his feelings for her, and was embarrassed when he survived.

Like many of the crew, Chakotay was distrustful of Seven during her first year on board. He questioned Captain Janeway when she chose to leave Seven in control while the ship traversed a Mutara-class nebula.

Chakotay was interested in the early history of space exploration, and jumped at the chance to retrieve the Ares IV command module from a graviton ellipse encountered by Voyager in Seven saw this fascination as dangerous, and she was proven right when the Delta Flyer , sent to retrieve the module, was trapped in the ellipse.

She was upset with Chakotay, but her attitude changed when she beamed over to the command module to retrieve a component to repair the damaged Flyer.

Chakotay told her to savor the moment and recover as much history as possible. She replayed Lieutenant John Kelly 's logs, and was touched by his devotion to duty.

She had his body beamed back to the Flyer and spoke in admiration of Kelly at his funeral aboard Voyager. Seven considered a romantic relationship with Chakotay in In her holodeck simulation of Voyager , Chakotay became her love interest, and she went on several dates with him.

These implants would require dangerous, repeated surgeries to remove, and Seven chose not to proceed. VOY : " Human Error " The Doctor strove to develop a safer method of removing this obstacle to her development and several months later he was able to remove the implants with a single surgical procedure.

After the affected implants were removed, Seven was free to become involved with the real Chakotay, and the two began dating in Neelix gave Seven ideas for dates.

In an alternate timeline, when Admiral Janeway was forced to convince Captain Janeway to return to the nebula, she revealed that Seven of Nine and Chakotay later married.

The Doctor was able to remove most of Seven's implants and restore most of her Human appearance, but she still had some Borg technology left; these were tied into her vital functions, and removing them would have killed her.

She also still needed to regenerate , like any Borg drone, using a Borg alcove , although she had been known to not need regeneration for extended periods of time VOY : " Human Error ", " Natural Law ".

She was given a special suit and also issued a combadge. As a former drone, Seven had considerable superior physical characteristics over most Humans.

Her visual acuity was vastly superior, due to her ocular implant , along with an eidetic memory and superior physical strength for a healthy Human woman her age.

VOY : " The Haunting of Deck Twelve " She was also much more resistant to injury and many forms of radiation , including chroniton and subnucleonic radiation that would quickly kill an ordinary Human.

VOY : " Tsunkatse " With her Borg implants, she was also able to serve as a physical host to any holographic character, who then had full access to her biological senses.

Her enhanced Borg physiology also had its downside, such as being prone to malfunctions or failures or receiving unwanted transmissions from the Borg Queen or other Borg devices.

In fact, in Ferengi marauders attempted to obtain Seven of Nine's nanoprobes by perpetrating an elaborate scheme.

Seven's nanoprobes had multiple applications which made them so valuable, including slowing the aging process and even reanimating dead tissue.

VOY : " Inside Man " As the result of an infected Borg vinculum that had identified her as an errant drone and was trying to reintegrate her into the collective, Seven once developed multiple personality disorder exhibiting the behavior and personalities of the individuals assimilated by the Borg during her eighteen years as a drone.

VOY : " Infinite Regress " When she was once experimenting with the nature of individuality and intimate relationships, experiencing a host of strong emotions unfamiliar to her, her cortical node shut down as a fail-safe mechanism to deactivate drones who started to regain their emotions.

Seven of Nine was holographically duplicated on a number of occasions:. In , most of Voyager 's crew was duplicated by a biomimetic lifeform known as the " Silver Blood.

They began to forget their origins and ultimately started to believe that they were the real Voyager crew and set a course for the Alpha Quadrant.

By mid , they had developed an enhanced warp drive and were closer to the Alpha Quadrant than the real Voyager. Shortly following this event, the enhanced warp drive began to degrade the structure of the ship and the crew, as it was harmful to the "Silver Blood.

Seven was one of the last crew members to degrade, and she attempted to build a message beacon out of non-affected materials to launch and hopefully be recovered.

The beacon was later destroyed after the launch mechanism failed, and the Voyager disintegrated just as the real Voyager caught up to it.

VOY : " Course: Oblivion ". Sometime in the 29th century, Captain Braxton , of the Federation timeship USS Relativity , went back to and planted a temporal disruptor on Voyager in order to destroy it.

The crew of the Relativity recruited Seven of Nine from late to help find the device because her ocular implant was capable of detecting it.

Seven was altered in order to look Human, given a blue Starfleet uniform , and sent to several time periods to pursue Braxton. Unfortunately, the side effects of the time travel were detrimental, and Seven died twice before discovering that Braxton was responsible.

Further complicating matters, the timeline was contaminated by Seven's presence twice in the year and once in , shortly before Seven was taken.

Eventually, Braxton was apprehended and Captain Janeway helped repair the timeline by stopping Braxton before he ever had the chance to plant the disruptor.

Slightly confused, Seven and Janeway were returned and reintegrated to the year and instructed not to tell of their experiences under order of the Temporal Prime Directive.

VOY : " Relativity ". When Voyager was fractured into several different time periods upon encountering a spatial rift in , the cargo bay was reverted to when the Borg first transported onto Voyager.

Chakotay was the only crew member not affected, and contacted the Seven of Nine of this time period.

She designed a plan to use a chroniton field to bring the ship back into temporal sync. She later helped the Voyager crew retake engineering from Seska in VOY : " Shattered ".

In an alternate timeline occurring shortly after Voyager 's first encounter with the Krenim in , Seven developed a temporal shielding technology which protected the ship from the Krenim chroniton torpedoes as well as alterations in the timeline caused by Annorax 's weapon ship.

The shield was perfected when she determined the exact phase variance of an intact torpedo lodged in Voyager 's hull, found while making repairs to Voyager 's badly-damaged systems.

The torpedo detonated while Seven and Tuvok were nearby. Although Seven was unharmed, Tuvok was blinded. She assisted him in daily tasks aboard Voyager , as surgery to correct the blindness was impossible in Voyager 's state.

When Voyager 's crew was forced to share quarters due to power failures, she shared quarters with Ensign Brooks.

Seven found living with her difficult, as her personal habits were "chaotic. The timeline was eradicated when Voyager collided with the temporal weapon ship, erasing it from history, along with any events caused due to the existence of the weapon ship.

Thanks to Seven's temporal shielding, Voyager was able to erase the weapon ship from existence, thereby saving the entire galaxy from Annorax' catastrophic changes.

In another alternate timeline created when Voyager used a quantum slipstream drive in but rode it all the way to the Alpha Quadrant , the ship crash-landed on an arctic planet, killing its entire crew.

Harry Kim and Chakotay, who had survived the trip in the Delta Flyer , spent fifteen years trying to locate Voyager. They developed a plan to use a Borg temporal transmitter that they stole from the Federation to transmit the correct variance to Seven of Nine's cranial interplexing beacon in the past and therefore alter history.

They stole the Delta Flyer and took it to Voyager , needing Seven's cranial implant and The Doctor's expertise to find her translink frequency allowing them to send the course corrections to USS Voyager and prevent the crash.

Seven was located on the bridge and the reactivated Doctor removed her cranial implant. Once he was able to find her translink frequency — The first attempt to send the correction directly to her cranial implant failed, and Voyager was still lost.

Kim then sent another correction, designed to collapse the slipstream, just before the Flyer , the alternate Harry Kim , Doctor , Chakotay and his girlfriend Chakotay's Tessa Omond were destroyed by the USS Challenger.

The new plan worked, thus negating their deaths, and Voyager was saved. In yet another alternate timeline erased due to the actions of Admiral Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay and Seven were married aboard Voyager in the s.

However, Seven was killed on an away mission before Voyager returned home, and Janeway blamed herself for her death.

This was a major motivation for her to travel back to and alter the past to bring Voyager home in that year. In the 31st century simulation of Voyager at the Kyrian Museum of Heritage , the incomplete records from Voyager 's visit in painted the crew as murderers and savages.

Seven, still with full Borg implants, was the leader of a group of Borg aboard Voyager who were sent to assault several Kyrians.

This simulation was corrected after the reactivation of a backup copy of Voyager 's EMH from the EMH backup module stolen during the ship's visit.

VOY : " Living Witness ". Seven's first real food after being severed from the Borg collective was chadre'kab. She was the only person aboard the Vortex who spoke in defense of The Doctor, and helped him escape after he was arrested for expanding his program.

She pleaded with Captain " Jenkins " to prevent The Doctor's program from being decompiled, calling it a crime that individuals like The Doctor were not appreciated.

When Tom Paris temporarily rewrote the program, the character became " Two of Three ". Paris made light of The Doctor's obvious crush on Seven by making the holographic doctor in his program chauvinistic.

Seven and Chakotay made first contact with the Ventu on Ledos before the start of a conference on that planet. Initially hesitant to reach out to the primitive race, Seven was so moved by her experiences with the Ventu that she convinced Janeway to restore the energy barrier protecting the Ventu's lands and customs from the Ledosians.

VOY : " Natural Law ". Seven of Nine appears in a little under two-thirds 60 percent of Voyager 's episodes.

Seven of Nine was played by actress Jeri Ryan. She first appeared in the fourth season opener, " Scorpion, Part II ".

The concept of Seven of Nine began while Brannon Braga was sitting at home, late one night, and saw a televised promotion for the Borg-centric third season installment " Unity ".

Cinefantastique , Vol. Braga later remembered, " I called Joe Menosky, and pitched this idea, and he thought it was a great idea.

And then we talked about it and all the things I wanted to make sure it wasn't a stupid idea. This could be really It started with Brannon, and quickly gained a great deal of support.

Seven of Nine was originally called "Perra" and had witnessed friends of hers being brutally killed around her at an outpost on Kelta Prime , a long time before she encountered Voyager and its crew.

During that early incident, her Humanity, according to Perra herself, had "died. This backstory was even written into casting sides that, in , were used to audition the part.

The character's final name was inspired by "Rhoda", codename EF "seven-oh-nine" , a volumptous female android portrayed by Julie Newmar in the short-lived s sitcom My Living Doll.

But Seven of Nine to me was like The Wild Child — I was inspired by that Truffaut movie about trying to tame someone who was raised by wolves or in this case someone raised by Borg.

Brannon Braga envisioned, upon devising the Seven of Nine character, that she would ultimately be portrayed as meeting an unfortunate end.

I think it would have been amazing but I was shot down. I was not running the show at the time; it was Ken Biller and Rick.

Beyond the Final Frontier , p. He commented, " We read a lot of different kinds of actresses of different ages.

We narrowed it down to three, and Jeri Ryan was the best. She recalled, " I, of course, auditioned like everyone else.

As a matter of fact, I read a couple of times and then I got the job. Jeri Ryan's first day on Star Trek: Voyager was Tuesday 27 May on which she had a medical appointment like all the other main cast members.

On this day, there were also the interviews with Ryan's possible stand-ins for which recurring Star Trek: The Next Generation background actress Cameron was cast.

Cameron later left the production during the episode " Hunters " and the stand-in position was re-cast with Brita Nowak. On Wednesday 28 May , Ryan had her makeup and wardrobe tests followed by fittings on Thursday 29 May Her first day filming "Scorpion, Part II" was on Friday 30 May with a makeup call at am and a set call at am.

On this day, Ryan filmed some bridge and ready room scenes on Paramount Stage 8. Seven's infamous costume began as a silver version in " The Gift ", which was also used in " Day of Honor " and " Revulsion ".

It was retired because the material was too restrictive for actress Jeri Ryan's movement and it was difficult for her to breathe in, especially when she sat down.

A new brown uniform, featuring a lower neckline, debuted in " The Raven ", and a variant with a small collar is visible in " Scientific Method ".

A cobalt blue costume with grey shoulders and arms first appeared in " In the Flesh " but was replaced by an all-cobalt version in " The Disease ".

A plum-colored outfit first appeared in " Dark Frontier ". Seven can be seen wearing a Starfleet uniform on only two occasions, the first being " Relativity ", when she is undercover in Voyager 's past, and the second being in " Human Error ", in a holographic simulation.

Her Borg costume was also revived in several episodes, mostly in flashback scenes.

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Stangen Spielstunde für mehr Selbstvertrauen I Gymnastik für Pferde I mit Skizzen der Übungen The Doctor was very disappointed that Seven did not reciprocate his feelings. Seven experiencing visions of a raven and flashbacks to the time she was assimilated. VOY : " Endgame ". The Doctor created a subroutine for daydreaming in early Freed click the following article the Collective, she was once again contacted by the others inside.

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